Year Of The Metal Rat — What does this have to do with Kobe Bryant or Me?

The past days have been very challenging for the world at large.  The sudden loss of Kobe Bryant in the horrifically tragic helicopter crash on January 26, 2020; and the 9 lives lost in the accident.  While any loss of life under such suddenly heartbreaking circumstances is very difficult to process for all the families affected, a global focus has most significantly been upon  the loss of Kobe Bryant. And how, why, and what has caused this tragedy to happen. 

This global focus, and mourning, prompts processing this tragedy from a higher, yet mystical, plane of the Chinese Astrological Zodiac. I realize that skepticism may be a significant obstruction in most readers consuming this text. However you obtained entry to this post, please open a channel of understanding that Fate, or Destiny, does not occur by mere coincidence.  As we entered the Chinese New Year on January 25, 2020 The Year Of The Rat (Jan. 25, 2020 – Feb. 11, 2021) specific aspects and influences came to prominence. Plus, all the other Zodiac signs are aspectually affected. Looking into the influences that this particular year imposes upon the other zodiac signs has revealed several situations of notable warnings.  Since the topic of the day is what happened to Kobe Bryant and how this could possibly have happened; review of the astrological aspects imposed by current zodiacal circumstances reveal a rather striking overall portrait. 

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 during The Year Of The Horse ( Feb. 07, 1978 – Jan. 27, 1979). I will get to his particular aspects in a Rat Year shortly.  But first let me reveal the major characteristics of The Year of The Rat;  whose particular element qualifier this year is Metal. The five element qualifiers are Wood, Water, Earth, Fire, and Metal and each occur in 60-year cycles. The last Metal Rat occurred Jan. 28, 1960 – Feb. 14, 1961.  It is recommended that you explore historical events available from various sources for comparative perspectives of Metal Rat attributes.

In addition to this, right at the outset of the Chinese New Year, there has also been rising concern of the potentially life-threatening Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak from China as ground zero. In the US, the annual flu season appears as deadly as ever in more than 10 years with statistics as of the end of January, 2020 toping 19 million victims infected and at least 10,000 deaths. The resulting effects of these potentially pandemic infections are rocking health, as well as, financial concerns.  There is also a looming financial crisis of concern that the longest United States recovery on record will be maintained in spite of  the tremendous headwind that this too “can not last”.

So in essence there are numerous and enormous challenges ahead in the coming year; and knowledge is the best defense toward ensuring successful navigation through very treacherous waters. This post is your lighthouse in the harbor; and some guidance for the coming days.

Personality and Horoscope for the Metal Rat

The Personality traits of Metal Rat individuals reflect prominent, dominant, and significant characteristics of major influences occurring throughout The Year of The Metal Rat’s duration. Metal rats are idealists and they are eloquent, positive and motivated in all things. Also, they are very charming and attractive to the opposite sex. Metal rats are gentle and they like the beautiful things. With extremely high taste, however, they are mammonish, jealous and possessive. Meanwhile, they are stubborn, so they will stick to one thing once they think it is right.

Metal rats try their best to get the things they like even if it needs to spend much more money. They attach great importance to the quality of life and they think home is the source of all energy, and then basic necessities, etc. Therefore, they have high taste in many aspects of life. Once they learn more, they will have certain achievements; however, they begin well but end badly.

Metal rats are bad-tempered and live a troubled childhood; they are filial to their parents and can get some support from their brothers. Male metal rats can choose someone who is elder than them to get married, so do the females. As the traditional Chinese zodiac goes, metal rats are smart and virtuous.

Today, it seems that metal rats have a strong self-awareness and they are very sensitive to the outside world. In terms of thought, they focus on the subjective experience, thus excellent persuaders and orators. The explicit character makes people feel they are joyful and fascinating and covers up their short temper and jealousy, especially their possessiveness and selfishness common to the rats.

Metal rats are charming and popular among the opposite sex. Despite the rich emotional life, they are so fragile that they cannot bear the failure in love. They need to show more loving care for their lovers to live a sweet and happy life.

Metal rats have excellent luck in wealth and they are good at managing money matters, thus often earn a lot of money and will not lose a lot even if they encounter an accident. Generally, metal rats do not have to worry about money if they are down-to-earth rather than free riding. 

Metal Rat Influences on Other Zodiacs

This post will only focus on the Zodiacs that should exercise precautions to successfully navigate this Metal Rat Year. So let us begin with an overall outlay of the theme of an ominous Year Of The Metal Rat. While most 12-Year Rat Cycles are predominately lucky in nature and favorable in love or business, (Ad)- Ventures, and Relationships.  This particular Metal Rat flashes a “BIG YELLOW CAUTION”.

As 2020 – the year of a Metal Rat comes, you people under the Rat sign will usher in the Ben Ming Nian (animal year of birth). In Chinese folklore, Ben Ming Nian means the clash with Tai Sui, the Grand Commander of the Year, thus your luck will be full of ups and downs and you will encounter many difficulties throughout the year. So be cautious in everything and get prepared for the baptism of trials and hardships. Especially in terms of personal health, you will be prone to illness due to the interference of many inauspicious stars and need to be more careful about it. It’s better to wear a red rope bracelet or red agate bracelet with Rat sign to decrease the bad effect of Fan Tai Sui and bless the whole family with happiness and good luck.


In Ben Ming Nian, your fortune is doomed to be unstable and your luck for career will not be quite improved. Instead, you will come up against many difficulties and obstacles. If you are a wage earner, you will be less satisfactory in work performance and find your work rather unstable and change a lot. The reason for this is that you are less competent and always get half the results with double the effort, making it difficult to carry out tasks smoothly. You should try to improve your ability and skills. If you are in management, your luck for career will be slightly better and may get promoted under the blessing of the auspicious stars like Sui Jia and Jiang Xing. Affected by the inauspicious star Sui Sha, however, you may become arrogant with the power in hands and turn harsh to the subordinates. Hence disliked by others, even offend the villains who will set you up. As a result, you Rats need to win the support of people, try to be nice and handle the interpersonal relationships properly to facilitate your career. To improve your luck in career in 2020, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Rat sign. Ox sign could give secret help to Rat in Chinese Zodiac, so wearing a Liu He bracelet with Ox and Rat signs could also help you have career breakthroughs. 


Your luck in making money can be plain. For wage earners under Rat sign, you may find it hard to get more money due to the effect of career and need to focus on saving and the balance of income and outlay. For those Rats in management, you will accumulate a considerable amount of money and become quite blessed in income from work with the support of two auspicious stars, namely Sui Jia and Jin Kui. Affected by the inauspicious stars Sui Sha and Chen Fu and given to the effect of clash with Tai Sui, your luck for windfall can be inferior and financial investment is not suggested. For female, better wear a Yellow Citrine Bracelet with Pi Xiu in 2020 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Pi Xiu. 


In the year 2020, your luck for love relationship can be ordinary. If you are single, you will be popular among the opposite sex yet less blessed in starting a relationship since most of them do not fit you. If you are already in a relationship or married, your luck in this aspect can be unstable and full of changes. On one hand, the blessing of auspicious stars will facilitate your relationship with your lover and create harmony between you; on the other hand, the inauspicious star Xian Chi will make you live in two places, lack of communication and slight each other, leading to conflict and blow-up. Therefore, you are suggested to spend more time with each other, care more about and talk more with each other, and show more mutual understanding. You are suggested to wear a Strawberry Quartz bracelet with Rat sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis. 


On the whole, health will be the most concerned issue for you people born in Rat years. In addition to the clash with Tai Sui, you will be affected by several inauspicious stars, of which Xue Ren and Jian Feng will be the most influential and can lead to quarrel and fight with others, and even accidents or disasters of blood. Due to the poor luck for career, you may go home with the bad mood at work, and often feel tense, stressed and dejected, which can be harmful to your physical and mental health. Therefore, you should learn to relax, stabilize your mood, downshift properly and keep an optimistic attitude for the purpose of your physical and mental health. For female, you can wear a green agate bracelet with Rat sign to keep good health in 2020 and for male, you can wear a black obsidian bracelet with Rat sign to enhance body vitality. If you often drive, you’d better hang a White Crystal Lotus Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2020.

Which Chinese Zodiac ‘Fan Tai Sui’ in Year 2020?

According to the Chinese astrology, if a person’s zodiac sign happens to clash with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year) in a particular year, it will bring misfortunes and bad luck.

2020 is the Rat Year of Geng Zi, in which both the Heavenly Stem Geng and the Earthly Branch Zi belong to metal in the five elements. In year 2020, people who are born in the year of the Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Sheep and Rooster Fan Tai Sui (clash with Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people’s fortune). 

Zodiac Fan Tai Sui in 2020

Rat – Same Zodiac Year Conflict, Ben Ming Nian 

Rat Year: 1924 (2/5/24-1/23/25), 1936 (1/24/36-2/10/37), 1948 (2/10/48-1/28/49),  1960 (1/28/60-2/14/61), 1972 (2/15/72-2/2/73), 1984 (2/2/84-2/19/85), 1996 (2/19/96-2/6/97), 2008 (2/7/08-1/25/09)

Since 2020 is Ben Ming Nian for people born in Rat years, they will suffer the same zodiac year conflict and see unstable fortune throughout the year. This year may seem to be calm, but in fact it’s quite rough. Things expected to go smoothly might be accompanied by various pitfalls. Rat people will be caught unprepared by the emergencies. But don’t worry too much. The auspicious star Sui Jia will escort them in career to make some progress and accomplish something once the opportunities are seized. As the saying goes, a happy event can counteract three disasters. Some happy events can be held to ease the negative impact brought by Tai Sui – the legendary God in charge of people’s fortune in the year.

Rabbit – Torturing Tai Sui

Rabbit Years: 1927 (2/2/27-1/22/28), 1939 (2/19/39-2/7/40), 1951 (2/6/51-1/26/52), 1963 (1/25/63-2/12/64), 1975 (2/11/75-1/30/76), 1987 (1/29/87-2/16/88), 1999 (2/16/99-2/4/2000), 2011 (2/3/11-1/22/12)

Rabbit is the sign torturing Tai Sui in 2020 and people of Rabbit sign may draw unfavorable things such as dispute and lawsuit because of their speaking and working manners. Many unexpected events may take place in this year and they should be well prepared, especially in love relationship and wealth. In terms of wealth, they can be highly suggestible and lose the greater for the less, even get caught in litigation disputes due to fortuitism; in love relationship, those in a good relationship or to be married soon may be abetted by others and ruin the relationship. People under Rabbit sign are suggested to do more and speak less in 2020, even if they have to speak more, just put in a good word rather than talk nonsense.

Horse – Conflict with Tai Sui 

Horse Years: 1930 (1/30/30-2/16/31), 1942 (2/15/42-2/4/43), 1954 (2/3/54-1/23/55), 1966 (2/21/66-2/8/67), 1978 (2/7/78-1/27/79), 1990 (1/27/90-2/14/91), 2002 (2/12/02-1/31/03), 2014 (1/31/14-2/18/15)    

Horse people will conflict with Tai Sui and ‘conflict’ here has the meaning of impulse. They don’t like to be restrained by nature and will feel the invisible stress during this year. In addition, the three inauspicious stars will fall in the house of Horse and make them prone to disputes with others; once they lose control of emotions, the disputes will come one after another. The relationship between family members will also be affected by the conflict with Tai Sui. It’s easy to regard family members as breathing pipes. People of Horse sign can easily use their family as a punching bag and ruin the relationship. The impact of impulse will also bring adverse effects on the wealth and health of Horses.

Sheep (Goat) – Harm Tai Sui 

Sheep (Goat) Years: 1931 (1/17/31-2/5/32), 1943 (2/5/43-1/24/44), 1955 (1/24/55-2/11/56), 1967 (2/9/67-1/29/68), 1979 (1/28/79-2/15/80), 1991 (2/15/91-2/3/92), 2003 (2/1/03-1/21/04), 2015 (2/19/15-2/7/16)

Sheep (Goat) is the sign harming Tai Sui in 2020. Compared with other zodiac signs clash with Tai Sui, their overall fortune is less perceptible and this sign can be the luckiest among those in clash with Tai Sui. With the support of auspicious stars, Sheep people can easily win help from others to get promotion and salary rise, for which they can become proud and forget the potential crisis hidden in the workplace; at last, they can be unexpectedly hurt, for benefit or emotion, by the vile characters at the critical moment. Therefore, people of Sheep sign should be cautious in all actions during the year, and never provoke jealousy by standing out boldly or craving after greatness and success.

Rooster – Destruction of Tai Sui

Rooster Years: 1933 (2/26/33-2/13/34), 1945 (2/13/45-2/1/46), 1957 (1/31/57-2/17/58), 1969 (2/17/69-2/5/70), 1981 (2/5/81-1/24/82), 1993 (1/23/93-2/9/94), 2005 (2/9/05-1/28/06), 2017 (1/28/17-2/15/18)

Rooster will face ‘Destroyed by Tai Sui’ energy and the “Puo” mean destruction and destroyed. Therefore, there will be unexpected destruction luck for Roosters this year. They are easy to get ill and suffer from wrecked friendship, love or marriage. Also, they will meet many difficulties in career and the business cooperation is easily failed. In addition, they may suffer a great loss in money. What they need to do in the year is to speak and act cautiously.

What is Fan Tai Sui?

Generally, the year of Fan Tai Sui (clash Tai Sui) means setbacks, such as unstable luck for career and wealth, obstacles or troubles in marriage, health issues, and even disasters. If you clash Tai Sui, you should be extremely careful in the year, during which you will be prone to disputes and conflicts, and cast down by setbacks. You businessmen will suffer financial losses, spend more and get fewer returns in a year of clash Tai Sui. In the meantime, you will quarrel more with your partner and encounter a third party in marriage.

When it comes to health, you may easily have a headache or poor spirit. In addition, you will be easily framed up and betrayed, and suffer financial losses or complaints in cooperation or under misguidance, thus should be extremely prudent.


1. In folk China, the saying goes that a happy event can counteract three disasters. It is a simple and practical approach to weaken the bad luck brought by Tai Sui with happy events. You can choose to get married, start a business, have a baby or hold a birthday party to change the poor luck and bad situation caused by clash Tai Sui.

2. You may attend the joyous celebrations, such as wedding, to tub the positive energies and get rid of the depression caused by clash Tai Sui. Try to avoid visiting a patient in the hospital (excluding close relative) or attending a funeral, because the places are full of evil spirits which will intensify your pessimistic mood.

3. At the same time, you people clash Tai Sui should pay attention to personal health and safety and avoid dangerous activities. If you cannot avoid, be sure to prepare for safety and warm up. Pay special attention to safety while driving.

4. Since water is the source of wealth, you should take bath to improve your luck, relieve fatigue and keep an active state before doing anything important in the year.

5. In 2020, Tai Sui is located at north, so the direction of conflict with Tai Sui (the direction of Year Breaker) is south. You’d better not decorate your house or shop or break ground, especially in the two directions mentioned above. Keep the two directions clean and tidy throughout the whole year. Do not place your bed head or office table at the two directions, or you will be in poor sleep, ill at ease and in low efficiency.

6. Pi Xiu (also Pi Yao, or Bixie) is a mythical wild animal which can drive away the evil spirits. You can wear an accessory of Pi Xiu to resolve the adverse effect in the year of clashing Tai Sui.

7. Ask help from your benefactor. Every animal sign has a benefactor under the corresponding sign, and you may wear an accessory of the sign to resolve the adverse effect. Find your group, the animal sign in your group will be your compatible signs:

Four Compatible Groups (San He)

1. Rat, Dragon, Monkey 2. Ox, Snake, Rooster 3. Tiger, Horse, Dog 4. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig

Red Agate Sanhe Zodiac Symbol Bracelet for Woman

Tiger’s Eye Sanhe Zodiac Symbol Bracelet for Man

Six Compatible Groups

1. Rat and Ox 2. Tiger and Pig 3. Rabbit and Dog 4. Dragon and Rooster 5. Snake and Monkey 6. Horse and Sheep

 Liuhe Zodiac Symbol Bracelets

8. Do good deeds, be filial to elders, act prudently and behave calmly to improve your luck in the year of clash Tai Sui. For example, charity work, blood and property donation are ways to resolve the adverse effect of clash Tai Sui. Once you are filial to elders, act prudently and behave calmly, you will create a harmonious environment in daily life and avoid great ups and downs.

9. If possible, you may visit a temple and worship Tai Sui at the beginning of the year. To be specific, you can worship and pray on the eighth day of the first lunar month and wear an amulet to prevent any bad luck. Also, these methods can improve your luck under the blessing of Tai Sui.

10. Another good solution is to worship the statue of Tai Sui. Make sure to place the statue according to your birth year and animal sign. Otherwise, the wrong direction will harm the Feng Shui of your house rather than resolve the adverse effect of Tai Sui.

11. At the beginning of the year of clash Tai Sui, you’d better keep away from Tai Sui in a certain time of a particular day. Generally, you should keep away from Tai Sui at the turn of two lunar hours on the day of Lichun (the Beginning of Spring). In 2020, Lichun falls at 17:03:12 on February 4, 2020. From 17:03 to 18:03, you’d better stay in your room to keep away from others and wait for the turn of two Tai Suis quietly.

Zodiac ‘Fan Tai Sui’ in Recent Five Years


                                                        2019       2020       2021       2022      2023

Same Zodiac Year Conflict            Pig          Rat          Ox         Tiger       Rabbit

Conflict with Tai Sui                      Snake      Horse      Sheep    Monkey  Rooster

Harm Tai Sui                                  Monkey  Sheep      Dragon  Pig          Horse

Punishment of Tai Sui                                     Rabbit     Dog        Snake      Rat

Destruction of Tai Sui                    Tiger      Rooster   Horse                     Dragon