Your Spiritual & Compassionate Health

Hi, my name is Daniel. I am the principal owner and operator of DanDeeCo-Online. I retired from professional Business Operations and Consulting Services almost 10 years ago. My current living expenses just to keep shelter are $500.00 per week. I have depleted all savings; and avenues of funding support from friends and family have long since been depleted. My employment opportunities for a near 70 year old are also slim to none.

However on a bright and spiritual note, I am certain that I can pivot DanDeeCo-Online to a motivational Spiritual Quest and Foundation. Thereby turning my 30 year experience and study in Numerology and MetaPhysical Chinese Astrology into a force for good and benefit for Humanity. But that will also require a professional website transformation. But I do believe, by my Spiritual Purpose I may be granted some benefactor in mitigating most of the associated expenses.

So, part of my strategy in going forward, and the purpose of this DanDeeCo-Online Weekly Rent Campaign is to amass as quickly as possible eight weeks of rent. So I will not have that burden over my head as I pivot DanDeeCo-Online into the Spiritual Awareness Center I envision it to be.

My situation’s urgency is compounded by the first $500 of my $4K campaign objective is payable in two days, or 12/11/21; and immediately whatever portion of the next week’s $500 payable on 12/11/21 but due in full by 12/18/21. At this moment, I don’t have the ability to make these payments. But I am reaching out to you, and the universe, for support of this emergency funding campaign.

No donation is too small and none too large needless to say. But in order to accommodate the immediate urgency of access to the first $1K, I have established a PayPal Donate button at the following clickable link, DANDEECO-ONLINE Weekly Rent Campaign ( Use of this link will allow immediate access to any generosity you find in your heart to support this fundraising campaign. Note: You do not require a PayPal Account to utilize this campaign link.

I am very grateful you reached this far in my story; and even more spiritually grateful if you are moved to contribute whatever you can to support this campaign. Even if you can not participate, please give the spiritual thought to pass the information of the campaign to someone whom you think may financially or even spiritually participate.

Thanks so much for your valuable time!


PS. Many thanks to my good friend Cal for organizing this campaign on GoFundMe!

FYI the GoFundMe link is available for your review at:

GoFundMe LINK:


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